Satellite, at last!

I chose Satellite theme for my old blog on, so even after deciding to move onto a self-hosted solution I wished to get it.

satellitelgMost of the gratis1 themes from usually are downloadable but I couldn’t find the links for satellite. So Google saved my day as I searched for “ wordpress theme” . Skipping the first 4 entries related to a shiny Apple-oriented theme I found the link into Automaticc Trac server

Theme URL –
Author URL –

Parent Theme:

Btw, also its parent theme is worth.

  1. English word “free” leads to maddening misunderstanding as it means “with prize zero” and “related to freedom”. While those concepts often apply together as many software libre/libero are both with a price label of “zero” and gives freedom to the user it is not always the case, i.e. freeware or paid software like Ada compilers. Latin languages like Italian and French separate the concept having “gratis” meaning “zero price” and “libre”/”libero” meaning “related to freedom”. 

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