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Let’s re-discover my own Milan. Actually I don’t life in Milan, but in a nearby town in the southern part of Brianza, near enough to reach it with a ½hour of train. I graduated here, and went to lessons by bike, so yes, that’s my city.

Thank you Sara Rosso, to help me rediscover it! (from: Discovering #NoFilter Milan with London City Airport – Ms. Adventures in Italy)

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Post-processing and filtering images on our phones is almost too easy, which is why I love this initiative to post unedited photos of Milan, and to encourage each other to shoot #nofilter as often as possible. Being Italy’s business and commerce capital, Milan does not always get swept with the same rustic-charm beauty brush as other classic Italian destinations. You have to pay more attention in Milan to catch its beauty and its charm, which is why I think seeing the city through others’ eyes reminds me, too, that there is more to Milan.


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