How To Make a Site Private In WordPress Multisite

Sometimes you just want to have a private log, a diary of your own. Once upon a time you would have written it on a paper diary. In more recent years you would have created a file or a set of files on your own storage. Nowadays we use multiple devices, a private blog may allow you to record feelings and thoughts you want to keep private as soon as they spring in your mind.

This little WordPress plugin comes to solve this requirement.

If you want to make a site private within your WordPress multisite network, the easiest thing to do is install the More Privacy Options plugin, available for free in the WordPress plugin repository. This plugin has an excellent reputation and is updated regularly.

It adds three more privacy options to the Settings >> Privacy page in the dashboard:

  • Blog visible to any logged in community member – “Network Users Only”
  • Blog visible only to registered users of blog – “Blog Members Only”
  • Blog visible only to administrators – “Admins Only”

From: How To Make a Site Private In WordPress Multisite – WPMU DEV

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