Who said Knight Rider?

Nvidia’s breakthrough is the autonomous vehicle automatically taught itself to drive by watching how a human drove.

I’ve just read Nvidia GPU-powered autonomous car teaches itself to see and steer | Network World coming from Slashdot.

“KITT, drive me home!”

I can’t believe no one has’t already cited Michael Knight and KITT of “Knight Rider” the TV series that launched David Hasselhoff…

The good new is that they are using Software Libero1, namely the Torch 7 machine learning system.

The bad new is that the journalist has been using the wording “open-source” which in that case may be syntomatic of the focus of the utilitarian approach without ethical implications.

Mind me, I would only be happy if they are successful and be widely profitable. It’s hard to reconcile ethics and business.

  1. I’m sticking to the Italian wording as it is not ambiguous like English. 

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