Dear VMWare, why do you keep telling me that my newly registered and freshly activated account is inactive?


Activate Your My VMware Account

You must activate your My Vmware account before you can log in. To activate your account, open the confirmation email sent when you registered for your account and click the link in the email.

If you have already activated your account and think you may have received this page in error, click Back to log in again or close your browser and try again.

I can tolerate being forced to use a couple of times your proprietary software – paid by my employer. I also acknowledge that it’s not the latest release.

Just let me tell you that finding «vSphere Remote Command Line» for GNU/Linux is just a pain, as the link you provided into your own ESXi 4 is hopelessly broken.

Mildly put using your website is a severely suboptimal experience.


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