classic improved –

A MacOs 9 or “classic” theme for Metacity. I may borrow some ideas for a WordPress theme….

This is an improved version of the Metacity theme classic by servo.
It has now a more authentic resemblance of the original MacOS 8/9 Platinum Theme, including a 1px black shadow and working pressed button states for window buttons.

To use the right Button arrangement use this command:

gconftool-2 –type=string
–set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout close:maximize,minimize

I use Sans 9,5 px at 94 dpi for my Window Title Font. I also use the Xfce Saltlake theme.

To get the “classic”, old-style look’n’feel of MacOs the original fonts should be used: Charcoal, Chicago,Geneva and Monaco typefaces but I suspect that Apple would have something to object. Sadly there are few “liberi” typefaces available, as identifonts tells us. I suspect that some simple, blocky sans font would suffice, perhaps Code New Roman:

This font improved and based on Mac OS Western New Roman,MONACO

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