Wonder Boy or Monster Boy?

I already posted one a video of Wonder Boy. Now on the same “plot” or genre there’s Monster Boy and the cursed kingdom, “created in cooperation with series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa”

Wonderful. Even if proprietary. And for “plain old computers” is served throught Steam. Ok, it runs on Linux too. Bi-wonderful. So I finally installed steam, even if I perfectly knew that such a platform is laden with Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). Yes, digital handcuffs. Luckily my guardian angel is on me:

So Monster Boy is not available on Linux. No worries, the other, the one which can switch at will to a cute 8-bit version, Wonder Boy and the dragon’s trap is available on GoG.Com. Without digital handcuffs. So it will yours forever (even if it is still proprietary). But it works on Linux. So my choice is made and I suggest you Wonder Boy. For another reason, too:

Your daughters can play it as… Wonder Girl!

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