Bello, ma non è questo il punto.

Apprendo con piacere che Corellium ha rilasciato una versione “completamente usabile” di Linux per i Mac M1.

Bella notizia, tutto sommato, ma non è la notizia attesa da chi crede che il software debba essere libero per permettere alle persone di essere libere.

È notevole la velocità con cui han fatto il port ma ahimé è zoppo: manca il supporto a tutti i coprocessori che rendono l’M1 speciale: niente GPU, niente processore matriciale eccetera. Quelli rimangono una salsa segreta alla mela.

Ubuntu Linux is installable and functional on M1 Macs thanks to work done by Corellium, Corellium CTO Chris Wade announced early this morning. Security researchers at the company have developed a port that has been released on GitHub with an installation tutorial coming later today.

Corellium has been able to successfully boot into Linux over USB, with a USB-C dongle enabling networking capabilities and support for USB, I2C, and DART. There are some limitations, with no support for GPU acceleration and the port instead relying on software rendering.

Corellium has been working on a Linux port for the ‌M1‌ Macs since earlier this month, and over the weekend, progress was made on the project.

For those unfamiliar with Corellium, it is a software virtualization company that focuses on Arm, offering tools for security research, app testing, and more. Corellium is embroiled in a legal battle with Apple at the current time, as Apple is unhappy with Corellium’s work on iOS emulation software.

Corellium recently won a victory against Apple after a judge decided to throw out copyright claims in the lawsuit and agreed with Corellium that the company operates under fair use terms. The other claims in the lawsuit have yet to be dismissed.

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