English acronym mania

There’s a thing of English – well, actually American English, or even better “technical English” – they I find quite disturbing: the custom of creating acronyms at every steps. See this example

Concrete Block (CMU) Sizes, Shapes, and FinishesConcrete blocks, also known as Concrete Masonry Units or CMUs, provide very durable structural and non-structural partitions. They are generally used as a backup wall that gets covered with a finish material or exposed in utilitarian spaces like mechanical rooms or basements. They can be painted to provide a cleaner finish, but they are also manufactured with different finishes that help improve the aesthetic quality over the traditional gray CMU.

taken from Concrete Block (CMU) Sizes, Shapes, and Finishes – archtoolbox.com

For Heaven’s sake why can’t we just call them “blocks”?

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