Is the macOS GUI development scene really this bad?

Paul WalkerFollow on last summer asked Is the macOS GUI development scene really this bad?

That’s a question I’m interested in because while I’ve been using exclusively Linux since 1997 I strive to write portable programs. Most people are still “shackled” into proprietary operative systems.

He enlist Swift, JavaScript, C#, Python, Clojure, Rust, Go, Objective C and C++.

He ended up using Xamarin.Mac, i.e. C#; it’s from Microsoft. While Microsoft has changed a lot since the days of the Halloween documents I still feel that I can’t trust them.

I want to use “my” language, Eiffel, with “my” compiler, Liberty Eiffel. I can’t abandon it.

And while many people uses JavaScript, Paul correctly argue that things like Electron are huge beasts. I grew up programming Commodore 64 and Amiga, it’s simply a sin in my opinion such an approach. If I have to use JavaScript, I shall leave it in the browser.

I could use Python, or at least interface with it. I haven’t appreciated his statement about Gtk:

Python and Gtk — well, it’s Gtk. If I wanted that kind of pain I’d just bang my head against the wall repeatedly, it would be quicker and easier.

Then there’s another statement:

Plus I think I’d have to buy a Qt licence to distribute whatever I wrote (assuming I don’t make it OSI compliant). I’d like to have a choice in that.

That’s exacty why base libraries shall be written in LGPL or non copyleft licenses.

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