Of course, they don’t need it

WhatsApp Would Not Remove End-To-End Encryption For UK Law, Says Chief – wrote Slashdot

Of course they would not remove it, they don’t need it!

Governments have their own Meta-provided comfortable backdoor to WhatsApp.

How can I be sure? I’m not, but being WhatsApp proprietary software it is pratically impossible to ensure there are no back doors. So as we can’t be sure there are no backdoor we must held for true that there are backdoor, until proof and behave accordingly.

The proper way should be not to use WhatsApp but far too many people use it. A more feasible approach should be to use it to suggest people to leave it, using more secure alternatives (in descending order of privacy Briar, Signal, Sessio, Telegram and others. I posted a comparison here, I think it’s time to refresh it)

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