Small Technology Foundation – R&D

Small Technology Foundation – R&D

The Small Web logo: Multi-coloured circles, arranged around the circumference of a circle, connected to one another by dashed lines.

We’re building the Small Web.

In a digital network, public space is not a place; it is the interconnections between individually-owned and controlled places.

The Small Web is a public space comprised of places you own and control.

(No, it’s not web3, it’s web0.)

Big Web vs Small Web

The Small Web is the opposite of the Big Web (even though it is built using some of the same underlying technologies).

Big WebSmall Web
Trust the serverDon’t trust the server
Don’t trust the clientTrust the client
Owned by corporationsOwned by individuals
Call people “users”Call people “people”
Servers have many users
A server has one owner

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