40 tools for ethical hacking

I know many of them, but not everyone! Shame on me!

Here are 40 tools for ethical hacking!

🔍 Nmap: Network scanner used for network discovery and security auditing.

🕵️ Wireshark: Network protocol analyzer for packet inspection and troubleshooting.

🛡️Metasploit: Penetration testing framework for exploiting vulnerabilities.

🔑 John the Ripper: Password cracking tool for dictionary and brute-force attacks.

🔓 Hydra: Password cracking tool for various protocols like SSH, FTP, and HTTP.

🔍 Burp Suite: Web application security testing toolkit for manual and automated testing.

🔧 Aircrack-ng: Wireless network security tool for cracking WEP and WPA/WPA2 keys.

🔐 Hashcat: Advanced password recovery tool for cracking hashed passwords.

🔍 OWASP ZAP: Open-source web application security scanner for finding vulnerabilities.

🔨 SQLMap: Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool.

🔍 Shodan: Search engine for finding internet-connected devices and services.

📡 Nikto: Web server scanner for finding known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

🚪 Hydra: Network logon cracker for brute-forcing various services.

🔑 CeWL: Custom word list generator for password cracking.

🔐 Hash-Identifier: Hash type identification tool.

🔍 Censys: Internet-wide search engine for finding devices and websites.

🛡️ Snort: Network intrusion detection system (NIDS) for real-time monitoring.

🔑 RainbowCrack: Password cracking tool for rainbow tables.

🔨 BeEF: Browser exploitation framework for testing web browsers.

🔍 SpiderFoot: Open-source intelligence (OSINT) automation tool.

🔒 Lynis: Security auditing and hardening tool for Unix/Linux systems.

🔧 DirBuster: Web application brute-forcing tool for directory and file discovery.

🔍 Nikto: Web server scanner for identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

🔨 ExploitDB: Exploit database for finding and downloading exploits.

🔐 Netcat: Swiss Army knife for network troubleshooting and security testing.

🔍 Maltego: Data visualization and link analysis tool for OSINT.

📶 Reaver: WPS pin brute-forcing tool for Wi-Fi hacking.

🛡️ Suricata: Open-source network intrusion detection and prevention system (NIDS/NIPS).

🔍 Osquery: Endpoint visibility and security monitoring tool.

🔧 Cuckoo Sandbox: Automated malware analysis tool.

🔍 theHarvester: Information gathering tool for email addresses, subdomains, and hosts.

🔨 Yersinia: Network tool for exploiting vulnerabilities in Layer 2 protocols.

🔒 KeePass: Password manager for securely storing and managing passwords.

🔍 Metagoofil: Information gathering tool for extracting metadata from public documents.

🔧 Sleuth Kit: Forensic toolkit for analyzing disk images and file systems.

🔍 Droopescan: Web application scanner for detecting vulnerabilities in Drupal websites.

🔒 GnuPG: Encryption and digital signature tool for secure communication.

🔍 Wappalyzer: Browser extension for identifying technologies used on websites.

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