How to wirelessly send docs and e-books to your Kobo

As we are a family of avid readers, having the luck of having a public library very near our house, we also ended up having several Kobo ebook readers.

I’m a life-long user of free-as-in-freedom software and I like to meddle with “low level” thingies but I can’t ask my daughters and wife to do the same even if they are quite smart themselves (we do not have Windows or MacOS or iOS running here, just Gnu-Linux and Android), so today I asked on the Fediverse

“How to Wirelessly Send Docs and E-Books to Your #Kindle
Is it possible with #Kobo?


György Paksi kindly and quickly answered me to look at 1that now seems to be offline which in turn uses and I shiftly copied that git repositories, now I “only” have to find some time to set it up.

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